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Spring Fire 2018 Relief Fund

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The Cuchara Foundation has revised it's bylaws to begin helping affected businesses and individual families in the Cuchara Area.  Please read below for details:
A Message from a member in our community:

Small resort towns are 100% dependent on tourist revenue. Our communities are seasonal, which means we have 3-4 months a year to "make it". June was a poor revenue month for all because of fire danger and our biggest week of the year was lost. I want everybody to understand how small business, in small seasonal towns generally operate, as most assume business owners are already wealthy. That's not the case-

We borrow against our personal assets (house, vehicles, etc.) every Spring for funding to open our businesses, spring clean, perform maintenance, launch marketing campaigns, purchase supplies, etc. When losing the upcoming revenue, we lose the ability to pay our obligations... which essentially puts the house in foreclosure, vehicles at risk of repossession, inability to pay simple things like phone bills. Essentially, the business and personal finances go bankrupt.

This holds true for every small business in a seasonal area. Businesses were preparing for 4th of July week. Which means restaurants invest in huge amounts of food that is sitting in coolers with no power for the last several days. That's all a loss. Gift shops ordered extra shirts and gifts, that were not sold. July is the one month a year that we count on to survive.

Then look at local contractors, repairmen, employees of businesses and service providers. They make a living serving the people of our community and businesses. If businesses don't have revenue to reopen, we can't hire them for work and they lose the ability to pay their bills.  The individuals of this area lost homes, lost their livelihood.  We NEED to help them rebuild.  We NEED to help them return to a comfortable life.  We NEED to support their families.  Any person in this community who suffered a loss should have every resource and source of funding available to them.  The Cuchara Foundation will help!

Next, lets educate you on the County economy- Cuchara/LaVeta produces between 60-75% of ALL the County's tax revenue. If the businesses fail after this tragedy, so does the entire County. There's no tax revenue for law enforcement, fire department funding, basic public services, the school systems suffer, the hospital suffers... and all in a County that was so poor that the median income was less than $26,000 before the fire and suffering major budget cuts.

Just in writing this, I've fielded more than 40 phone calls of people stating "it won't be as pretty, we don't want to look at a burn scar, other areas are more appealing now"... it's actually more devastating than the fire and it crushes the hope of this community when the visitors of this community project the attitude they concerned in coming back.

If you weren't planning a vacation to Cuchara/LaVeta, make a trip down if you can. Order an extra burger at the restaurant of your choosing, buy two shirts instead of one, if you don't drink still buy that Cuchara/LaVeta shot glass to put on the mantle. Pay for a round of mini-golf even though you won't pick up a club. Don't drink coffee? Still stop in the coffee shop and order a cup.  If you can't make it to the Cuchara area, PLEASE DONATE what you can to help this community rebuild.

-Article IIII, Section 2, Item E
For the purpose of wildfire relief the Cuchara Foundation will disburse money to any business or individual family in the immediate Cuchara area who suffered a loss as a result of the Spring Fire.

Disbursement will be by board vote

Spring Fire 2018 Relief Fund
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