Explanation of the Cuchara Card Deck Project

Tiny, delightful Cuchara Village has long been a retreat for folks wishing to escape the summer heat to a mountain wonderland.  Indeed, the motto for Cuchara has become “Discover the Magic - Cuchara Village.”  Now it is time to capture the rich and interesting history of this area before it is lost.  With that as a goal, community volunteers have joined together with the local merchants to support a Cuchara History project.  The long-term dream is to create a History/Nature/Information Center in Cuchara.  The center would contain pictures, oral and written histories and other artifacts important to Cuchara.  That is a big dream and, as with all projects, this one requires resources to come to fruition.

The Cuchara Card Deck project was conceived to raise funds specifically for supporting the Cuchara History Project.  We need to develop a collection of pictures, artifacts, and oral interviews chronicling Cuchara’s rich and delightful history.  We believe creating and selling a limited edition Cuchara Card Deck will
provide an opportunity both to raise money for the History project and to celebrate in pictures the history and nature of the area.

Here is how it works.  We are working with an Ohio company, Real Souvenir Publishing, to produce a deck of playing cards featuring Cuchara.  The deck will contain 56 unique photos and facts about Cuchara.  All of the cards will be sponsored by people who want to buy a sponsorship. 

The backs of the cards will all have the same picture and the logo “Discover the Magic - Cuchara, CO.”  The face or front of the cards will each be different and have pictures of buildings, birds, animals and scenery that are of significance to our community. The Card Committee has been collecting pictures for this purpose for several months and there are some great ones to use.

Sponsorships.   To pay for printing 1000 decks of cards we are offering an opportunity to sponsor a card.  A sponsor may buy an available card for $75.  Sponsors then provide information about who is sponsoring the card and for what purpose.  This information is used to customize the sponsor’s card.  (See sample card from another organization’s deck below.) This information is printed on the sponsor’s card for all to see and enjoy! 

Sponsorship is a lovely way to pay tribute to or remember someone.  For example, sponsors have the opportunity to add, “in memory of . . .” or maybe, “in Honor of. . .” to their cards.  Or, maybe add a short comment about Cuchara.  For example, “We love Cuchara,” or “We discovered the magic”

Once we have sponsors for all 56 cards, we will submit our order for1000 decks.  We hope to have these available this summer.  They will sell for $10.00 a deck, including tax.

These limited edition playing cards will be a great way to highlight our community and to provide a creative collectible of the area.  Great for gifts, mementoes and, of course, personal use!

If you are interested in sponsoring a card, proceed to the Directions for Filling in a Sponsor Form.  Click here.  There you will find step-by-step directions to filling in the required sponsor form.
Examples of the face side of cards

Discover the Magic
Cuchara, Colorado

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