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Cuchara Card Deck
Directions for Sponsoring a Card
It’s easy as 1 - 2 - 3 (well, and 4 - 5)

So you’d like to sponsor a card for our deck?  Thank you very much!  This is a
great way to acknowledge someone or something you value and to help our
Village activities at the same time. Proceeds will go to support the Cuchara History
Project and various activities in the Village.

Here is all you’ll need to do to see your name as a sponsor on one of our cards.

Step One:  Check out the cards
· Look at the display of Cuchara cards that are for sale. Click here
· These are the cards that are available for sponsorship.  All others have
been sold previously. 
      -Once a payment and application is received for a specific card it is  
       removed from the website.

Step Two:  Choose your card
A. Select the card you would like to sponsor from the file. Click here
B. Note the card number and suit for your application.
C.    Immediately email Lois Adams with your choice:
  Because there is a gap in time between your choosing a card and the
Committee receiving your payment and because cards aren't removed
from the web site until payment has been received,

    ·Lois will put a hold on your choice for one week and notify you that you
have one week for the payment to be received
    ·Or, if someone else has a hold on it already, she will notify you and you
can make another choice.

Step Three:  Apply
· Download and print the Cuchara Village Souvenir Playing Deck
Sponsorship Form.  Click here 
· Study the card below to see what information you will need to provide
· Print your information carefully on the form.
· Be sure to read and sign the agreement page that is included with the
· If you have a question about the application, contact Bruce Johnson
· Email:
· Cell Phone: 678-698-4666

Step Four:  Submit the form and payment
· Put your form with your signed agreement in an envelope with your
· Check or money order only, please.
· Checks should be made to:  Cuchara Valley Merchants Association
The Cuchara Village Merchants Association is a state non-profit
association dedicated to helping Cuchara thrive.  Think of it as a
Chamber of Commerce.
No money in the Association goes to individual merchants.
The Card Deck money will be kept separate and the funds will used
to support the history/nature/information project
· Please put “Card Deck” on the memo line of the check
· Mail to Card Committee, C/O Lois Adams, 14 Panadero Loop, La Veta,

Note:  Your card will not be removed from our web site until we
receive your payment, filled in application and signed agreement.

Step Five:  What happens from here
· You will be notified of your official sponsorship when your payment and
form is received.
· Checks will not be processed until all cards have been sponsored.  At that
time we will submit our order and payment to the company.
· We cannot guarantee a release date however we hope to have the decks
available this summer.

Once we receive delivery of the finished decks, they will be sold for $10.00 a
deck, including tax.  The decks will be sold in the Village.  More information
about the sale of the decks will follow.

Sample Playing Card Face

Sponsor Information Part 1: Sponsored by Mickey & Joy Higel (right of oval
on card). Required by all sponsors.  Limit 30 characters, including
characters, spaces, hyphens and any other marks.

Sponsor Information Part 2: Memorial: In Memory of Ralph & Lula Higel
(left of oval).  This is optional information. Limit 30 characters, including
characters, spaces, hyphens and any other marks.

© 2013 Cuchara Valley Merchants, All Rights Reserved
Left side of card,  Part 2
Sponsor Information:  Who the card is dedicated to or in memory of, or other comment.
Limit 30 characters, spaces, etc.

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